the night is calling...

...and it whispers to me softly come and play;

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traveltomars| Cristina. 21. Libra. Spain. Two younger sisters. Bussines and marketing student. Dreamer. She doesn't know what she wants.

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♥ sleeping, dancing, listening to music from my ipod . Vanilla's scent. Nougat ice-cream. Swimming, football, tennis. Olympic Games. Chocolate. The scent of wet earth. A sunset in the beach. Mum's food. Reading. Graphic design. Laughing. Languages, Travelling.
♥/ ignorance. Impatient drivers, imprudent drivers. Prejudices. Radicalism. The scent of gasoline. Strawberry ice cream. Scary films. Tomato. Church. Tiny beasts in general. Tobacco. The sound of the awakener. War. George W. Bush.
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